Modern Contact Center as a Service

Contact Centers are historically complicated beasts, but are often a core part of the real-time contact capabilities of an organization with its customers.

These contact centers used to be in fixed locations, with leased lines and bearer circuits dug in to the location, and expensive hardware processing the voice traffic. Agents would have to physically be in that building, and then any enquiries they would have to look up in separate systems.

Those telephone circuits had a fixed upper capacity, which had to be estimated well in advance, and any changes to it had to also be planned well in advance.

Not any more.

For several years, the Akkodis team have been implmenting Amazon Connect for our clients, integrating with other data sources, and extending it with custom dashboards to bring observability into the contact center.

Customer Experience Comes First

Customers don’t contact your organization to get frustrated, and your contact center should not provide any friction to their interaction with you.

First comes the method of contact. Many reach for a telephone as a way of getting in touch, but for some, an instant messanger conncetion is less stressful. Implementing Amazon Connect gives you the option of delivering an Omnichannel contact experience, and customers can start an interaction on one channel, and move to another.

Engagements proces through flows, which Akkodis designs with you to optimize the customer’s interaction journey. These flows may drive chatbots, voice recognition and identification, and more.

Agent Experience is right up there

Of course, your staff who are your representatives need to have a strong experience as well, particularly if they are going to balance multiple interactions with customers at the same time.

One of the clear benefits in this post-pandemic world is the flexability to have agents using a browser-based interface, with strong authentication and security. These people can then work from literally anywhere they have an Internet connection, and are no longer required to physically be present in the same room.

Automating the enquiry

But the real gem of the service is the ability to integrate to nearly any data source. Inbound telephone calls with CallerID can be cross referenced against your CRM, to not only add context to the call for the agent, but also to update the CRM that the call has happened for that subscriber.

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