Akkodis AWS Cloud Services

Akkodis guides you safely, securely into the cloud.

Unparallelled experience brings deep expertise and wisdom. Engineering a Smarter Future in the AWS Cloud.

Since 2013, Akkodis has been architecting, implementing, and managing digital workloads in the AWS Cloud, complementing the transformation of organizations from the largest of multi-national enterprises across many industries, to local, state and federal governments.

You’ll find Akkodis engineers behind Fortune 500 enterprises, many SMBs, Federal Government and State agencies in multiple countries, architecting, implementing and managing digital solutions powered by AWS.


We know the art-of-the-possible.


Wisdom and experience gains deep insight into many areas of the cloud.


Akkodis has AWS-skilled staff with more than 400 AWS Certifications in:

  • Australia
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • China
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Netherlands
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United States

You’ll find Akkodis experts as AWS Partner Ambassadors, and AWS Certification Subject Matter Experts (SMEs); Akkodis engineers help write the questions for the certifications that the industry wants to achieve.

Over 10 years of Partnership with AWS

In 2013, Akkodis became an AWS Consulting Services Partner, having started our first AWS workloads in 2012 with a Public Sector client. With over 10 years as an AWS partner, Akkodis applies experience and wisdom to our client’s digital workloads, helping deliver Well-Architected and Well-Maintained workloads.

Capabilities Recognized by AWS

Giving back

Akkodis has been taking several initatives to help give back to the industry:

  • Sponsorship and support of local AWS User Groups/Meetups
  • Providing education for tertiary students via our Akkodis Academy Work Integrated Learning program.

Customer comments

During their tenure at Curtin University, Akkodis displayed an extraordinary level of proficiency, experience, and professionalism, which helped our organization to overcome numerous challenges. Their ability to think critically and develop innovative solutions to complex problems was impressive, and their vast experience and expertise in technology allowed them to provide insight into best practices and efficient strategies that significantly improved our organizational processes. Moreover, Akkodis consistently exceeded our expectations with their remarkable work ethic and excellent communication skills. I am confident that Akkodis would be an asset to any organization

Software developer, Curtin University, Western Australia


The uptake of digital services has revolutionized our civilization. As we digitize more and more, we look to ensure that we can minimize the consumption of energy and other resources. As part of the Well Architected Framework, Sustainability is one of the pillars reviewed. But as responsible and committed engineers, these principals have been at the hearts of our IT consulting since 2014.

Why Akkodis and AWS

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