Analytics on AWS

Managing and processing small or vast quantities of data efficiently to gather trends or find outliers; the Akkodis Analytics practice on AWS helps make this a seamless, reliable and effective reality.

AWS provides the platform, Akkodis provide the experience, skills, and knowledge on how best to use these tools to shape clients data into whatever form they need to gain insight.

Akkodis offers deep practical advice on how best to move forward with clients data journey, to help them become more profitable and efficient.

The Akkodis methodologies cover the five prime components of: culture, people, processes, data & technology have been critical to the success of both large and small scale engagements. Akkodis’ commitment to help clients become more data-savvy is paramount.

Akkodis understands the complete value of context within our vizualisation elements, notwithstanding clarity, simplicity and the ability to make decisive outcomes. We believe that data science should not just look like mathematics, but easy to read information that will enable business to enable business stakeholders to make targeted decisions.

AWS Database Migration Service Delivery Partner

As an early adopter of the Amazon Web Services Database Migration Service (DMS), Akkodis was awaded with the AWS DMS Service Delivery recognition. Our team have worked to extend the DMS tools to help with continual cross-database-engine replication, data consolidation, and continual migration capabilities.

Data ingestion, ETL and serverless pipelines, Data Lakes, Visualization in the context of secure and fault tolerant architecture.

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