SaaS Provider Pre-Go-Live Well-Architected Framework Review

By Veneta Petrova-Gateva, 2nd July 2024

Country: Germany (delivery from Bulgaria)

The Client

Akkodis was requested by a Software as a Service provider in Germany who helps optimise 3D print jobs to minimise the printing time and wasted resources.

The Challenge

Our client was about to go live with a new solution, and prior to their launch, wanted to get some additional confidence that they had addressed as many possible improvements as time permitted.

They requested a Well Architected Framework Review from Akkodis in order to leverage our experience and heavily certified engineers, and to ensure that any major issues were identified and could be remediated before initial customer access.

The Solution

Akkodis ran a formal Well-Architected Review with the client. Our team worked with the technical operations team to understand the current state and provide the benefit of Akkodis wisdom in the Well-Architected Framework Report generated at the conclusion of the engagement.

The Outcome

Our client was then armed with the knowledge that their solution would likely stand up to higher levels of usage, and would retain flexibility to innovate and apply changes with minimal interruption to service.

The client chose to implement the innovations identified using their existing service operaiton team.