Development of a customized scheduling application to support the US Elections

By Nikolay Penev, 4th July 2024

Country: United States (delivery from Bulgaria)

The Client

A US-based company overseeing the 2024 US elections in California, USA, required a scheduling application to manage a large number of Field Service Technicians. Our task was to develop and deliver the application, providing efficient status tracking through IVR and chat, along with automated notifications, trigger actions and reporting for technicians and supervisors.

The Challenge

Tight Schedule
Designing and developing the solution and underlying infrastructure from scratch in just 6 weeks.
Building a robust system capable of handling spikes in usage (600-900 users) without compromising performance or reliability.
Managing numerous changes in requirements and client requests for new features during DEV and UAT phases.

The Solution

  • IVR system for status tracking, allowing seamless communication for the users via a dedicated toll-free US telephone number
  • Designed and built website featuring chat functionality integrated with Amazon Lex providing secondary communication channel for end users
  • Easy and effective user authentication via dial-in individual PINs for the IVR and AWS Cognito to prevent unauthorized access
  • Implemented automated outgoing notifications via IVR and email with Amazon Pinpoint and AWS SES
  • Fully serverless backend solution utilizing AWS Lambda, Amazon Aurora and S3 for website hosting
  • Integration between the application and PowerBI for insightful and actionable analytics through a customized reporting dashboard
  • Fully automated CI/CD pipelines for deploying and managing the application and infrastructure code using AWS CloudFormation and AWS Code services.
  • Implemented centralized monitoring of the whole environment with native cloud solution Cloud Watch along with custom Dashboards & Microsoft Teams integration for automatic notifications to the IT Support Admins
  • Post-implementation support for the whole project duration

The Outcome

By utilizing voice and chat channels, the developed application significantly enhanced our customer’s human resource management. It optimized communication with streamlined two-directional notifications, improved reactions to signaled obstacles, and supported effective decision-making through comprehensive reporting analytics. Additionally, the serverless infrastructure design ensured high availability and minimal operational overhead.