Cloud Storage on AWS

Akkodis expertise in cloud storage

Local storage is limited, costly, and requires maintenance.

Akkodis has significant experience with using Amazon S3 and Amazon Storage Gateway to provide file and object storage to the premises.

Integration to S3

Let’s take a simple example of object (file) storage. Migrating to using Amazon S3 removes the need to manage file data lifecycles based upon SAN maximum capacity. It also removes the horror of SAN migrations every 3 – 5 years.

Native integration to S3 means you persist all data, and set retention (and tier) policies based upon age of data, or other methods we design with you; with the granularity of charges being to the byte, you benefit from costs being equal to utilization — not an upper bound above utilization.

For security: we can encrypt object data going to S3 before it leaves your application servers, with key management of your choice, or we can leverage cloud-based key management systems, including replicated tamper-resistant Hardware Security Modules (HSMs).

Removing the capacity constraints changes the conversation around application data lifecycle management.